About Straight Guys for Gay Eyes

I'm Jake Cruise and I decided to create a site that presented straight porn the way I wanted to see it - featuring the man and not just the woman. I have made these movies for me, a gay man, and I hope you will like it too. Of course straight women will enjoy these movies as well. I've also received a lot of fan mail from straight men who like that our movies treat the women with respect. To me that is a very high compliment. I hope you join and enjoy the hundreds of men doing what they love to do, have sex with women!

About the Men

The majority of the men you'll find here are straight men. I have brought some of the men from across America to fulfill their fantasy - have sex with a female porn star. You will not find Avi, Rocky Marianno, or Clint Lawless in any other movies other than from Straight Guys for Gay Eyes. They came, we showed them having sex with women, and they went home with a big smile.

Some of the men are gay-for-pay or are bi-sexual. We have 3 bisexual scenes for those of you who like them. Let us know if you want to see more bisexual scenes.

We even have 2 scenes with gay men! Arpad Miklos isn't a virgin when it comes to straight sex, and he shows off his prowess with a woman. Steven Daigle, on the other hand, needed 2 women to show him how to have sex with a woman. He did a great job for a first timer.

I would love to hear from you about this site. Feedback is very important to me. With your help I will continue to improve Straight Guys for Gay Eyes. Let me know what you think through the "Support" link below.

If you're undecided about joining, be sure to view the free previews in the Tour. 

I hope you enjoy watching these movies as much as I have enjoyed making them.

--Jake Cruise